65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (2024)

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What to wear to a Spring wedding in 2024 |
Spring wedding guest edit

Spring wedding guest dresses to fall in love with for 2024. If you’re stuck for what to wear to a spring wedding in 2024 these are the most beautiful and fashion forward dresses. The weather can be a bit hit and miss in Spring but a lighter color and weight dress still looks more Spring appropriate and you can always layer with a blazer, shrug or wrap. You’ll also want to consider whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding, the time of day, and dress code. Wedding dress codes and Spring wedding themes can be a bit tricky with everything from co*cktail attire to formal weddings to casual and barn weddings. So I’ve curated a list for all wedding dress codes. Whether you’re looking for elegant formal spring wedding guest dresses, black tie weddings, fashion forward pieces, casual looks or sexy wedding guest dresses.

This what to wear to a spring wedding 2024 post contains affiliate links.

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What are the 2024 wedding guest dress trends

If you’re wondering what to wear to a spring wedding 2024 take some inspiration from the 2024 wedding guest trends which include:

  1. Cape dresses and capes.
  2. Satin slip dresses you can always put a blazer over in the church.
  3. Whimsical floaty floral dresses.
  4. 3D flower details.
  5. Pretty feminine details.
  6. Fringe dresses.
  7. Bubble hems and voluminous styles.
  8. Magenta, butter yellow, bright blues and greens.
  9. Structured dresses.
  10. Matching sets.
65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (2)

What to wear to a spring wedding in 2024

Now’s the perfect time to start shopping for these fashion forward and elegant dresses for Spring wedding guests that will make you want to shop even if you don’t have a wedding to go to. These dresses would also be beautiful for dinners, date night, special events and whenever you want to feel feminine and fabulous.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (3)

I love both bright colors, neutrals and floral designs so there’s a bit of mix of everything except white, which is still theultimate faux pascolor to wear to a wedding. Unless you’re the bride, don’t do it, period.So there’s a lot of pastels on this wedding guest dress edit as they’re such pretty colors for Summer and look so good with atan.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (4)

I’ve made sure to choose Spring 2024 wedding guest dresses that were all in stock at the time of writing this and will update it often to replace the ones that have sold out! It’s always annoying when you find a dress on a blog you like and it’s sold out. So I try and keep this updated as often as possible and swap out sold out items to make shopping here as easy as possible for you.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (5)

My style is very feminine which represents most of these romantic and elegant wedding guest dresses. Although there are some sexy wedding guest dresses on the edit too. Just make sure they adhere to the dress code of the wedding you’re attending. Cut outs aren’t always appropriate but you can find styles that are both sexy and elegant wedding guest dress choices.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (6)

I have lots of them saved to my online wishlists incase a wedding invite comes along or Mr. Dawes plans something fabulous for us this Summer.As most of them are a great option for lots of occasions.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (7)

70 best Spring 2024 Wedding Guest Dresses You’ll Love

Romantic and elegant Spring wedding guest dresses for 2024 as well as some sexy wedding guest dresses to feel fabulous in. From high street to designer brands, I hope this helps you find a style from the 2024 wedding guest trends you’ll love and feel beautiful in the next time you’re a wedding guest.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (8)

I tried to find something for every woman’s taste and budget. As well as some really voluminous styles which are on trend for 2024 and made for hot days and dancing. A lot of these are pre order to save the issue of them being sold out and to have less chance of someone else having the same dress!

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (9)

What to consider before picking your perfect Spring wedding guest dress

A few things to take into consideration when buying your dress:

  • Where is the wedding being held? e.g. church, country club, barn, city, countryside, inside or outside?
  • Is it a formal or casual spring wedding?
  • How conservative is the wedding? Is it a church ceremony, are the family conservative, etc.
  • Checking the weather from the previous year might give you some idea of the weather to expect and whether you’ll need a heavy or light jacket, closed or open toe shoes, and umbrella, etc.
  • Are you planning on hitting the dance floor if they have one? If so, consider how restrictive your outfit is, especially when it comes to an evening gown.
  • Is there a color scheme you don’t want to clash with?

Shop the best Spring Wedding guest dresses 2024

These are the prettiest and most fashion forward styles for 2024 wedding guest trends from designer to affordable luxe for less styles! Whether you’re headed to a daytime wedding or formal event, these are the most perfect spring wedding attire whatever your personal style.

There are also lots more spring styles in the Kentucky Derby dress edit if you don’t find something you love here.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (10)

The Spring wedding guest dress edit details | The dresses that will make you feel a million bucks!

I’ve linked a lot of pre-order dresses here as the one I was finding before were selling out fast and there’s nothing more than frustrating that seeing a dress recommended that you love and that’s sold out. This way you’re top of the list.

Stunning Spring wedding guest dresses under $250

Stunning Spring wedding guest dresses that won’t break the bank including lots of sale finds.

1. One shoulder pink spring wedding guest dress

Susana Monacofuchsia pink one shoulder fitted dress is on sale. It’s one of the more fashion forward dresses on this edit in the most beautiful, trending vibrant pink with a body skimming silhouette.

2. The bombshell dress

Bombshell soft chartreuse yellowsatin slipgown. This sexy wedding guestdress hasa thigh high slit andwould look incredible with a tan.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (11)

3. Sexy strapless periwinkle wedding guest dress

Michael CostelloA sexy but elegant periwinkle wedding guest dress. This blue strapless midi dress is boned so you don’t have to worry about it falling down while dancing. It absolutely nails the corset dress trend for 2024.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (12)

4. On trend hot pink Spring wedding guest dress

An on trend hot pink Amanda Uprichardgold button mini dress. It’s an elegant wedding guest dress for 2024 that’s also fashion forward and feminine.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (13)

5. Fun and flirty spring wedding guest dress

This Michael Costello high low hem, seafoam green dress has a sexy spaghetti strap halter style. It’s one of the more fun and flirty styles on this dress edit. With a super flattering, sexy low back especially if you’re single and ready to mingle. It also hasfringedetails which is a major trend for 2024.

6. Statement shoulderfloral mini dress

I can’t get over the shoulders on this dress, they’re stunning and look designer. It’s a statement making, structured floral mini for those who want to make a fashion statement and be on trend for 2024. It’s also on sale for under $200.

7. Off the shouldermocha beige dress

Beige is back for 2024 so if you’re more into neutrals, this is a laid back but sexy wedding guest dress giving total Spring babe vibes. It’d also make a great beach wedding guest dress. Shop the dress.

8. Floral maxi spring wedding guest dress

Yumi Kim always has the prettiest floral maxi dresses and this one’s on sale. This halterneck comes in a few different prints and has a sexy thigh high slit to stop it looking matronly.

9. Pink tweedmini dress

For a grown up, polished look that’s still feminine this strapless fitted sheath dress is an elegant wedding guest dress option. It also has a fringe hem that makes it more on trend than a simple tweed dress for Spring 2024.

10. The Carrie Bradshaw Spring wedding guest dress

Norma Kamalibaby blue mini dress as seen on Carrie Bradshaw in SATC And Just Like That. Another knockout blue, 1 shoulder sexy dress that’s perfect for summer weddings. It comes in 7 different colors so there’s something for everyone.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (14)

11. Iris pink strapless mididress

A fitted dress that’s both sexy and elegant and comes in 5 different colors.

What to wear to a spring wedding 2024 | Designer Spring wedding guest dresses over $250

Stunning designer styles that are worth the splurge and the most elegant wedding guest dresses for 2024 that will knock them out.

1. The feminine spring wedding guest dress

Marchesa Nottetiered printed chiffon gown. This stunning maxi dress is feminine, romantic and perfect as a more dressy or formal Spring wedding guest dress.

2. Periwinkle violet flared midi dress

This elegant style byBronx and Banco is an etherial, pretty, delicate and elegant dress choice for spring wedding guests who want a summery feminine look for 2024. It’s perfect for warmer weather but if the day ends up being cooler, you can always layer a cute jacket over the top.

3. Sexy spring wedding guest dress

Bronx and Bancofloral satin cut out dress. This one shoulder yellow satin mini dress with a thigh high slit and floral print is so Summery and on trend for Spring 2024 with its ruffles and cut outs.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (15)

4. Chic spring wedding guest dress

Zimmermannlong sleeve satin beige dress. As far as 2024 wedding guest elegant wedding guest dresses for 2024 goes, this is one of the more chic wedding guest dress for SS2024 with it’s modest cut. It’s feminine but refined for a spring or Summer wedding.

5. Classic and elegant

Michelle Masonpale green silk long gown. This classic slip dress is a beautiful backless style with cut outs for major wow factor and could be worn on its own or under a blazer or shawl.

6. Modest but sexy spring wedding guest dress for 2024

This stunning Cult Gaiahigh neck, long sleeve, satin dusty pink mini dress is on sale. This looks like a modest and classy spring wedding guest dress from the front but is super sexy in the back with it’s low cut style and rhinestone back tie.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (16)

7. She’s a Lady

BLUMARINErose pink bustier mini dress. This structured wedding guest dress with its 3D applique flower is right on trend for 2024 and ever so flattering. It would also be perfect for date night.

8. One shoulder Spring wedding guest dress

One shoulder, flattering ruchedgreen gown. This one shoulder style also comes in lots of other colors and is both flattering and elegant. It’s one of Revolve’s best sellers.

9. What to wear to a black tie spring wedding 2024 | Pink wedding guest gown

Zhivagoblush pink satin gown for black tie Spring wedding dress codes. This backless full-length formal spring wedding guest dress with delicate tie details on the shoulders is so feminine and a really elegant look. It comes in the softest pink and would also be perfect for charity galas and the ballet.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (17)

10. Baby blue formal wedding guest dress

Sky blue maxiblack tie formal spring wedding guest dress. The softest shade of blue in flattering, fully lined fabric. An elegant backless gown you can also wear to galas.

11. Feminine style

Rosettechiffon cut outgown.This dress has so many beautifully details and comes in lots of different colors. It’s one of my favorite styles for Summer and Spring wedding guest dresses.

12. Structured style

Alex PerryMaren long sleeve curved sweetheart dress. This fitted, structured dress is stunning for SS2024. It’s chic, elegant and photographs beautifully. With the added benefit that it’s unlikely anyone else will to be wearing this dress and you don’t need a bra.

13. Sexy red gown

Katie Mayred one shoulder gown | This fitted red gown is an elegant and feminine choice for a black tie formal spring wedding guest dress. The red might be a bit bold for some weddings but it also comes in pink. It’s perfect for those who like bold, confident, glamorous styles. This would also make a stunning gala dress.

Complete your Spring wedding guest look

No Spring 2024 wedding guest dress is complete without the right accessories and nude sandals. I’ve added nude heel sandals, including the Manolo ‘it’ mules, and neutral clutches that will work with all of these 27 wedding guest dresses to complete the outfit and look. As well as my favorite lipstick color from my cruelty-free cosmetic company Dawes Cosmetics. It’s a universally flattering nude and goes with any of these summer wedding guest dresses 2024.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (18)

Connect with me

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (24)

Let me know your favorite 2024 wedding guest trends of these styles for summer wedding guest dresses and outfits or which one you picked for your friend or families wedding in my IG comments.

65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (25)

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65 Best Spring wedding guest dresses 2024 | Elegant style (2024)
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